Late Guru Shri Ningombam Lairenjao Singh

In recent times no one can be compared to Late Guru Shri Ningombam Lairenjao Singh as far as the art of playing the Mridanga, is concerned. There was evidence of softness and sheer opulence in the rhythms and annotations when he played the Mridanga. He was such a great teacher, that he not only taught the art of playing the Mridanga, but also the importance of patience and compassion in life.


Late Shri Pandit Kh. Yaima Singh

Pandit Yaima Singh had inherited, through many generations of scholars, a knowledge of Mantra, Tantra and archaic Meitei language. He guided a group of scholars in research on ancient Meitei history.


Late Shri T. Rasbihari Sharma

Shri T. Rasbihari Sharma came from a family renowned for its high artistic talents. His father, the Guru Kanhai, was reputed to be the greatest exponent of Manipuri dance of his time. His mother, the Radha Rani, was unsurpassed for her singing. Shri Rasbihari received the high honour of Vãdanacharya for Mridanga playing from the Shri Govindji’s Temple, Nartanãchãrya from eminent Gurus and the Vadya Vishãrad for Khol playing. Poet, research scholar and musician, Shri Rasbihari had a genius for artistic composition.