Late Panditraj Atombapu Sharma
Vidyaratna Gaveshana

Panditraj Atombapu Sharma Vidyaratna Gaveshana born on 31 January, 1889, was a highly respected authority of the Manipuri language and culture. His literary achievements included well-acclaimed translations of Rigveda, Bhagavata, Saraswata Vyakarna and Goudiya Vaishnava and about 100 books and manuscripts in Sanskirt, Bengali and English into the Manipuri language. He also established the Chudachand Printing Works in Manipur. His deep understanding and knowledge of ancient Manipuri culture enabled him to seamlessly integrate it with Puranic and Brahmanical Indian culture.


Late Pandit M. Chandra Singh

Pandit M. Chandra Singh, born on 9 March 1895, was a prominent Manipuri Pandit who amalgamated the past virtues and ultra modern concepts of Manipur culture through his classical writings. His studies covered a wide range of ancient Meitei literature and cult shrouded in archaic language. His soul delved into every core and aspect of Manipur, be it national associations, literary work, national issues, sports, education or research. He was awarded the “Sãhitya Bhushana” and later “Sãhitya Ratna” by the Manipur Sãhitya Parishad. His life’s mission was to preserve Manipur’s traditional and cultural identity.


Late Guru Shri T. Amudon Sharma

Guru Shri T. Arnudon Sharma was an unique figure in Manipuri dancing. Few living exponents of this dance equalled him in the knowledge and technique of traditional Rãsalilã. He served three generations of Maharajas of Manipur and the highest honors - ‘The Meitei Jagoi Hãnjabã’ (Nritya Acharya Shiromani) and Pung Hãnjabã (Mridanga Acharya Shiromani) were conferred on him by the Late Maharaja Bodhachandra Singh. His genius was recognized also when he was given the Sangeet Natak Academi Award for Manipuri Dancing in 1960. He was also on the staff of Jawaharlal Nehru Dance Academi and in spite of his advanced years, Guru Amudon was the head of Shri Govindji’s Temple Rãsalilã.